A Fresh Idea-

One that you can trust

What an exciting year getting ready to launch Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV!  We've been at trade shows, wellness shows and events across Canada spreading the word.  

We created Health & Wellness TV to bring to you companies, products and people who are  interesting and their stories informative.  Each month we air our 30 minute TV show on two networks, JoyTV and The One.  We cover subjects like Health, Cooking, Exercise, Diets, Nutrition , Beauty and Naturopathic Care.  We meet chefs, farmers, doctors, food producers and more.

We believe that knowledge is key.  You can't 'un-know' something.  We want to give you enough knowledge to better your life or that of a loved one and our message is clear -

  • know what you eat, put on your body, your skin, in your hair,
  • know where you shop, what you clean your house with
  • know how to avoid cancers, combat them, sleep better, smile more - cry less
  • send your kids/grandkids to school well rested, happy, relaxed, less stressed with no anxiety
  • wake up full of hope, full of energy, full of life

We want to bring to you companies that have the best intentions in giving you their best.  We want to share their stories with you so that you, as the consumer, can base your decisions on knowledge!

We want this to be a show that you are a part of and can

participate in, so email - tweet or Facebook us.  Enter contests

as often as you can for great prizes!  Share your stories with us!  

We care and want to hear about you!

 We are here to make a difference and appreciate you - our viewers!