A regular contributor on health and wellness to magazines, blogs and websites, TammyLynn enjoys sharing her passion with people wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle & is currently being certified as a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach.


​As a leading health & wellness expert, TammyLynn is also the host of HealthRadio.FM - a 24/7 global radio show. Her interviews have been published in many business newspapers & magazines including Time Magazine & several foreign publications.

TammyLynn can regularly be seen on stage hosting wellness shows across Canada & is the regular emcee and frequent celebrity chef on-stage at wellness events across Canada.

​​​Biography of Host, TammyLynn McNabb

TammyLynn McNabb has been an authority in the health & wellness industry for over 15 years. Her passion for food led to the start of a successful business, producing a line of low-carbohydrate products that sold in stores across Canada & the US. She also founded a chain of Canadian low-carb wellness centres, which sold to a US company in 2006.  

TammyLynn has brought her passion for Health & Wellness to television as the Producer & Host of a national show called Health, Wellness & Lifestyle TV. Currently, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle TV is in its 4th season & airs daily on two national networks to over 6 million households across Canada. The show is also featured on Air Transat Airlines for inflight viewing.