This month we're featuring plant-based cooking recipes that non-vegans will love! One of our favourites is this dairy-free cheesecake recipe.  Instead of cream cheese, we used cashew nuts.  This dessert is rich, creamy and a must do! 

At this past VegExpo event welcoming vegans, vegetarians and those interested in a plant-based lifestyle, TV host Tammy-Lynn of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV met with producer and industry disruptor Kip Anderson to discuss his past project and upcoming documentaries that are changing the vegan industry and how we look at farming and processing of animals.

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Green Detox Belly Flat Smoothie.
(Anti-inflammatory, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Low Sugar)!


Courtesy of Host TV Tammylynn McNabb 

Instagram @tammylynnmcnabb

This is a favourite go-to smoothie that she consumes often throughout the week.

Bee Polen, Ginger, Honey, Parsley, Cucumber,

Apple & Lemon blend into this highly addictive

and delicious drink!

Get the full recipe here:

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