Ever heard  of a 'Belly Flat Smoothie'? Neither did we until we went into the kitchen with the Smoothie Queen, Jackie Oord from Jump Up and GoGo.

In the kitchen with Chef Alana where a simple pasta dish loaded with flavour from garlic, anchovies, chillies and other healthy ingredients is cooked up for our busy viewers.

Dr. Cobi Slater sits down with Tammy-Lynn discussing natural remedies for  'Getting Your Energy Back'

Enjoy the show!

It's DETOX time!  Areli Hermanson from Pomme Natural Markets talks 'Resolution Restart' and how to get your healthy eating and exercising back on track.

Chef Alana from Alligga is all about detoxing recipes that taste amazing.  She does a healthy granola parfait and a beautiful Mango Flax Detox Smoothie.

Host Tammy-Lynn sits down with a Yoga Expert from Inner Glow Yoga discussing what Yoga Therapy is.

Airing June on Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV is Part 2 of our Tokyo trip with Chef Alana Peckham cooking relish Japanese healthy dishes; Tammy-Lynn shows us the differences between honey flavours at a local Bee Hive and she interviews several top food producers at BC Food Processors Association.

Health Wellness TV in Tokyo!

We took our show on the road to Tokyo Japan!  Join host Tammy-Lynn on her exciting journey as she reunites with old friends from back when she lived in Japan 20 years ago.

Chef Alana Peckham joins Tammy-Lynn as they bring Canadian cooking, with an Asian twist, inside a 400 year old Buddhist Temple.

We welcome the BC Food Processors Association to the show featuring some of the industries top health food producers.

- Recipe for Seasonal Sugar Pumpkin Soup - Chef Alana Peckham of @AlliggaFlaxseedOil and #ChoppedChef winner, whips up this delicious #homemade soup for the cold months of winter.

- Are you tired? All the time? Dr. Cobi Salter gives you some of the signs and symptoms of #FATIGUE. From #Tired #Blood to #SleepApnea and #Allergies, she shows you what you need to do to get yourself back on track!

- Do you like #Beer? How about beer that's good for you and even better for the #Environment? @DogwoodBrewing Company tells host #TammyLynnMcNabb how using local ingredients for their #CraftBeer is socially responsible and feeding the byproducts of production to local pigs keeps everyone happy!



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